Almond Tree Flowers
Fallen Apples
Autumn Leaves
Berry Branches
Tranquil forest
Cherry Blossom
Dramatic Dew Drops
Echinacea Coneflowers
Fresh Herbs Close Up
Lily Pond
Lush Plants
Open Field
Raindrops on Window
Budding Tree
Water Droplets
Ray of Light
Tropical Berries Close Up
Stalks of Wheat

 Easter Island


Easter Island is a province of Chile. Chile is considered a medium developed country and so is not targetting for development aid (any Australian donations we receive for Easter Island are not tax deductible because of Chiles position on Human Development Index). However, when we first visited Easter Island as part of our Pacific reconnaissance we found the island suffered the same problems affecting all other islands, especially in waste management, water supply and sanitation, biodiversity loss, desertification, and fisheries. Being such a world famous island, it suffered additional pressures of rapidly rising tourism and a lack of infrastructure to cater for the growth . The islands population is growing again. Easter Island is on an unsustainable path. So we decided we couldn’t ignore because of Chile’s Human Development Index. We developed a number of programs in Easter Island and we can enthusiastically report that Easter Islanders are highly motivated to resolve their problems and they have acted on every project we initiated with them. 

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