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The Complete Guide to Easter Island 


PAA’s work in Easter Island has been recognised in the Complete Guide to Easter Island as the leading NGO trying to do something about the islands problems. PAA was also able to assist the author, Shawn McLaughlin, with information to help tourists better respect Easter Island while visiting, through waste and energy minimisation practises.








Inventing Easter Island


Also in 2009, PAA’s CEO was asked to write a book review on ‘Inventing Easter Island’, by Beverley Haun, published by the University of Toronto Press. The review was for the Journal Oceania, published by The University of Sydney’s Department of Anthropology. Oceania is a peer-assessed journal which is published online and in print versions three times a year covering social and cultural anthropology of the peoples of Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia and insular southeast Asia. Petra wrote the review in her capacity as CEO of PAA, but also in her capacity as Visiting Research Associate, Department of Pacific Studies, School of Social Sciences and International Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW.









Information sharing


In other news on Easter Island, PAA became a member of the Chamber of Tourism, the Camara de Tourismo of Easter Island. PAA presented the Tumbleweed composting bins to the Chamber of Commerce at one of their meetings and many members have already ordered some as a commercial purchase. PAA continues to support the Chamber of Commerce with information sharing on sustainable tourism. Over 70,000 tourists a year visit the Easter Island of nearly 4,000 inhabitants but there is almost no water sanitation. While tourists are the economic lifeline of Easter Island, the current rate of tourism is unsustainable, causing erosion of roads, monuments and pathways and placing demands on basic infrastructure. The Island is looking towards quality tourism as opposed to large numbers but has a long way to go to provide the quality infrastructure that would be required. The following videos were made with our beautiful friends to help foster respect and appreciation for the cultural integrity of Easter Island. 

Matato'a in Concert

Kari Kari in Concert

Polynesian Dancing for Beginners

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