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Pacific Aid Australia supports and promotes projects that underpin the type of development that ensures the livelihood of future generations.
Recyclable Waste Management
Globalisation has resulted in islands importing the majority of their consumer goods that need end use disposal. Islands are small and can't afford to be burying waste in landfill. We help islands with approrpaite technoloyy, capacity building and x to collect, process and export recyclable wastes such as plastic and scrap metal.
Go to our Recylcing SCRAP Metal Page here
Go to our Recycling Plastic Page here
Organic Waste

Organic waste is a valuable source of fertilsier for islands that are poor in topsoil. Composting organic waste in the home, and at a commercial and indutsrial level, can create jobs, enrich soisl, save on landfill, and help meet the deamnds of sustainable agriculture.


Go to our Organic Waste Composting Page here.

Climate Change
Climate Change is without a doubt the single greatest threat facing Pacific Islands today. We are working with Pacific islanders to help thise Islands that can adapt to inevitable climate change issues in planning. We are also lobby on the climate change front to reduce emmissions and increase awareness of the plight of Pacific Islands. In addition we proimote programs that reduce carbon and methan emmisiosns such diversion fo waste from landill and energy efficiency, and renewable energy. 

Vist our Climate Action Page here.

Hazardous Waste Management

To manage the challeges facing by growing populations, enviromentla hzards etc, we support pacific islandsers with capcity building. This involves training oin island, in Australia or between islands. PAA is a memebr of the UNEPs South South blah blah 

Visit our Hazardous Waste Management Page here.

Zero Waste Agriculture
We beleive that zero waste agirculture is an essential tool of ecologically sustainable developement. This means that any by product of the value chain in produciton should be re-used in the production of somnething else.
Visit our Zero Waste Agriculture Page here.
Water Sanitation and Supply

Access to fresh clean drinking water is a basic human right. In minimising waste to landfill islanders can help protect their frsh water lenses. Rsing sea levels caused by global warming threatens to salinate fresh water lenses on islands, while other islands water is becoming polluted by waste, or there is a lack of because of drought.


Go to our Organic Waste Composting Page here.

Capacity Building

To manage the challenges faced by growing populations, enviromental hazards and unintended consequences of globalisation, we help Pacific Islandsers build capacity. This involves training on island, in Australia or between Islands. PAA is a member of the United Nations South South Exchange mechanism which promotes the exchange of experience in dealing with Southern development issues. 

Visit our Capacity Building Page here.


Pacific Islanders have a unique culture and way of life that is dependent  on small ocean and lagoon locked land masses and centred around the sea. 


Visit our Pacific Culture Page here


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Pacific Aid Australia (ABN: ) is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more to Paciic Aid Australia are tax deductible in Australia. Pacific Aid Australia is not affiliated with any parent organisation.


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