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Implementation of projects in the Pacific region is challenging, not least because of the high transport costs and small markets. The support of the business community is vital for the successful implementation of our projects and programs. Corporate Partnership allows us to forward plan and reduce our administration costs, which in turn ensures that more funds are available for our programs and projects. It also allows us to tap into the wealth of resources available in Australia on a project or program basis.


Pacific Aid Australia recognises that the business community plays an integral role in the ecologically sustainable development process. At Pacific Aid Australia we work with corporations, as well as governments, foundations, universities and individuals, to help protect our Pacific region and those in need who live in the most vulnerable areas of our neighbourhood. Pacific Aid Australia works with our Corporate Partners to tailor our relationship so that it is mutually beneficial while achieving the tangible results for which the support was sought. See our list of past and ongoing partners here


The Benefits to Your Organisation


In an era of climate change and accelerated environmental destruction, companies are increasingly incorporating environmental management, advocacy and supporting environmental organisations to help protect the environment while also meeting their staff, stakeholder and community expectations.


Supporting environmental organisations like Pacific Aid Australia provides tangible benefits to your organisation:


  • Increasing Brand Impact: 92% of Australians believe that a great brand comes from a company with values and ethics (Eye on Australia, Grey Worldwide, 2005).

  • Generating increase staff loyalty and job satisfaction: 82% of respondents would rather work for a company that supports good causes (Passion People, Cavill et al, 2004).

  • Building strong stakeholder and shareholder relationships.




In return for your support, Pacific Aid Australia provides traditional and social media exposure, signage, exposure to the Pacific Region as well as the value and prestige that comes from supporting a worthy long term goal. Pacific Aid Australia is a development aid agency that adheres to high standards of corporate governance, public accountability and financial management, ensuring that the donation dollar or service goes to its stated destination.


Pacific Aid Australia will work with your organisation to understand your personal needs and corporate culture or business philosophy in order to develop innovative collaborations that both enhance your current commercial activities as well as your corporate giving traditions through a long term program strategy or on a case by case project or program.



Cash Donations: Government Matching Programs



Pacific Aid Australia works with international development aid agencies like AusAid, NZAid and the French Development Agency to ensure a coordinated approach to development. Often these aid agencies match their grants to funds the NGO raises in their own community. Funding can be program related and funded in part or in full, and all supporters are provided with a report at the end of each year. This type of commitment from you makes you a long term partner and will give you the benefit of witnessing actual environmental change in our region.



To support this program or to receive further information, please contact Petra Campbell at


Corporate Pro Bono/Services in Kind


Corporate Pro Bono, or Services in Kind, has been key to Pacific Aid Australia’s success. Pro Bono support can literally make the difference between the prompt delivery of a program or project or not, while substantially increasing job satisfaction for the person, people or company providing their capabilities. Because we deliver tangible results, engaged staff always appreciate the impact their work has had on the beneficiaries and our appreciation of the fact that they helped make our program work.


Pacific Aid Australia will work with you to identify and provide opportunities for your staff to donate their expertise or services.

If you would like more information about the provision of Services in Kind, please contact us at



Workplace Giving


Workplace Giving provides the ideal vehicle to give staff the opportunity to support the charity they identify most with and want to support by making individual pre-tax contributions to an organisation directly from their pay. Work Place Giving helps makes you an employer of choice.


Workplace Giving with Pacific Aid Australia can empower staff with the knowledge that they are helping to make our Pacific Region a clean, green and secure place to live. Workplace giving increases staff satisfaction and motivation, and improves loyalty and retention. If your company then offers a staff matching component to your Workplace Giving scheme, staff participation and belief in your organisation’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is greatly enhanced while so is your contribution to Pacific Aid Australia.



If your organisation does not have the capacity to run a Workplace Giving program that offers employee pre-tax deductions, you can still offer your staff the opportunity to make a difference through a Staff Deduction Program. Under this scheme, deductions are instead taken from the employee’s post tax salary while all the same benefits accrue to staff members. Download our Workplace Giving Form here.






Volunteering can enormously impact on staff motivation and organisational pride. Volunteers are very valuable to organisations such as ours because they provide services that we may not otherwise have the capacity to provide. They can make the difference between a project going ahead or not when the volunteers are expert or technical. Corporate volunteers help shape Pacific Aid Australia with their professional experience. Visit our Volunteering Page here



For more information on Volunteering opportunities, please contact us at



Schools and Universities



Pacific Aid Australia maintains strong ties with universities in Australia. We believe they are a valuable source of academic research, good will and professionalism. Working with Australian universities has made much of our work possible. We have collaborated with the following Universities in implementing projects and programs. Visit our Educational Institutions Page here.


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Pacific Aid Australia (ABN: ) is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations of $2 or more to Paciic Aid Australia are tax deductible in Australia. Pacific Aid Australia is not affiliated with any parent organisation.


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