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Capacity Building


Capacity building is the cornerstone of our cooperation with Easter Island. All our projects - from waste management to advocacy - have had as the objective, building on island capacity to self manage sustainability. PAA became a member of Kara’a. Kara’a is Easter Island’s first environmental nongovernmental organisation (NGO). It was founded by the drummer of the Island’s leading band known as Tuti Matato’a. PAA was invited to several meetings to present possible projects they could coordinate on the Island with Kara’a. Projects included compostable baby nappies, home composting and a plastic shopping bag minimisation program. PAA’s CEO, Petra Campbell, also explained how Kara’a should be structured in order to attract funds from abroad and is working with Kara’a to provide organisational mentoring to the budding NGO.






















Easter Island: On the Road to Development

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