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Our Volunteers


PAA has survived on volunteers. 






























Terry Adams, Australia

IHFA is devastated to announce the passing of Terry Adams, taken from friends and

young family way too early. Adams was diagnosed with cancer while working in a

voluntary capacity for IHFA

as well as professionally for

SIMS Pacific Metals. He was

instrumental in providing the

technical support for our first

scrap metal removal program

in Niue in 2005. Adams has

been immortalised in our

two instructional video’s

How to Process Scrap Metal

on Your Island’ and the ‘Niue

Scrap Metal Removal

Program’. After his first

treatment of chemotherapy,

Adams would call us regularly

to see if he could be of further assistance in the Pacific Islands. He even called just a few

months before passing away to see if he could help anywhere. Adams was a wonderful

man with an expansive heart and we at IHFA wish to acknowledge the contribution he

has made to our efforts but as well as being part of the first major coordinated programs

of scrap metal clean up of the Pacific Islands. We will miss him and we extend our

heartfelt sympathies to his family.


Carlos Hey Tuki, Easter Island

We are equally overwhelmed to learn of the passing of Carlos Hey Tuki of Easter Island.

Tuki was on the team of the first waste

management program we started in Easter

Island. He travelled with Luz Sazzo, now the

Mayor of Easter Island, to Tahiti to be trained

by the Tahitian Waste Management

Department. Tuki was dedicated to Easter

Island and worked hard to help find solutions

to the environmental problems faced by it. He

also left behind two young children after

succumbing to a motorcycle accident. We will

miss him and we also extend our deep

sympathies to his family.


PAA is grateful for the services of Good

Company. To make it easier for time-poor

community groups, the not-for-profit

organisation Good Company regularly hosts

free wish writing workshops to help NGO’s write up their wishes for pro bono support

and to market them to other organisations so as attract appropriate volunteers for the

role sought by the applicant NGO. In 2008, IHFA put in a wish for accounting support as

IHFA’s existing accountant, Hanley, had sadly announced she would leaving us at the end

of the financial year, after five years of voluntary service to IHFA.

As a result, Good Company were able to supply IHFA with the volunteer services of

Pradip Niraula. Niraula has a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of

Southern Queensland, and a Master and Bachelor of Business Studies from his home

country of Nepal. Niraula assisted Hanley in the preparation of IHFA’s annual report this

year. IHFA also benefited from information technology assistance thanks to Good


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