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Water Sanitation


Composting Toilets


We invited Chile to Australia to look at Australian composting toilets and how they are used in Australian World Heritage National Parks, to provide critical sanitary services to the public and tourists, while preserving the environmental features of the area. As a result, Rota-Loo Maxi composting toilets were incorporated into the design of the Orongo visitors centre. 















In June 2006 the American based Easter Island Foundation donated funds to PAA towards the purchase of a Rotaloo Maxi 2000 composting public toilet for installation in the UNESCO listed World Heritage National park of Rapa Nui in Easter Island.  Australia’s Environment Equipment, which produces the Rotaloo, donated a domestic Rotaloo 950 for trial on the Island. The toilets were delivered in October 2006 with free freight supplied by Air Tahiti Nu and Lan Airlines.




















                                                                                                 Easter Island Water Sanitation 




















Compostable Baby Nappies


Disposable baby nappies represent a waste management problem and threat to fresh water sources across the Pacific region. In looking for a viable alternative, PAA successfully trialled Australian designed Eeness  compostable baby nappies on Easter Island. This operation was part of PAA’s ongoing efforts to help save Easter island’s drinking water supply from irreversible contamination. The Islands unlined landfill sits directly on top of the Hanga Roa aquifer. Fifty five thousand tourists a year visit the island of nearly 4,000 inhabitants but there is almost no water sanitation. Ninety five percent of the toilets are pit latrines. The fresh water aquifer at the UNESCO listed World Heritage National Park of Anakena Beach has already been closed to human consumption for this reason.

Sponsor's Lan Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui Joint Press Conference on the tarmac of

Tahiti's Faa'a International Airport

rotaloo tahitirapa 001.jpg
rotaloo tahitirapa 004.jpg
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rotaloo tahitirapa 006.jpg

Compostable baby nappy trial in the Pacific

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