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Apart from our ongoing cooperation with Australian companies, educational institutions and government departments, PAA works in the Australian and International community promoting corporate social responsibility and ecologically sustainable development. 


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PAA's CEO consulted to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)UNEP’s comprehensive report, “Definition Study for an Initiative on Solid Waste Management in the Pacific Region”, jointly prepared with the French Development Agency and subsequently worked on a. Regional Strategy For Solid Waste Management In Pacific Islands Countries and Territories as Recyclable Waste and NGO expert. 


Also in 2008-09, PAA's CEO was engaged by the international consultancy firm GHD as the ‘Recyclable Waste and NGO Specialist “ to form part of a team to write a bid for the French solid waste management tender titled “Regional Initiative for Solid Waste Management in the Pacic – Feasi bility Study for the Preparation of

Components 2 and 3 of the Initiative”.GHD won the bid and work will begin shortly.This initiative is an exciting development for the Pacic region as it will make available up to 5 million Euros for sustainable solid and hazardous waste management.


CEO, Petra Campbell, facilitated a “difficult wastes” workshop at the Seminar for the Regional Strategy for Solid Waste Management in Pacific Islands Countries and Territories held by the Secretariat of the Pacific Region Environment Program, in Apia, Samoa. Our film “How to Process Scrap Metal on Your Island,” was screened to delegates representing the Waste Management/Environment departments of the Pacific Islands and distributed to members during the seminar.


Our CEO attended the 2nd Pacific Region Recycling Initiative Committee meeting. Koror, Palau.and the the fifth Micronesian Presidents Summit, Koror, Palau. PAA presented an occasional seminar at UNSW Centre For South Pacific Studies. “Taking the Rubbish out of the Pacific Islands”, attended the 6th Civil Society Forum at Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea, held in parallel to the APEC summit.


PAA's CEO  Petra Campbell, was one of 26 leaders from 17 Asia Pacific countries attending The United Nations Environment Program – Tongji University Asia Pacific Leadership Program on Environment for Sustainable Development, held in Shanghai and Wuxi, China  where PAA IFAW and UNEP jointly drew up a statement at the end of this years program titled the “WUXI Commitment”. As participants we “called on all governments, businesses and communities to adopt an integrated approach to future development in order to put into

practice the principles of sustainable development”. The participants also committed to “strive to translate the ideals of sustainable development from principles to practice in their respective work environments.” At the United Nations Millennium Summit, world leaders agreed to a set of time-bound and measurable goals and targets for combating poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degredation, and discrimination against woman, and placed them at the heart of the global agenda. IHFA is proud to be part of a world wide

coordinated e!ort to meet these goals.


PAA's CEO, Petra Campbell was appointed Visiting Research Associate at the University of New South Wales. This was an honorary position with the Faculty of Arts andSocial Sciences, School of Sociology and International

Studies, at the Department of Pacific Studies. In this new position Petra wrote a conference paper titled “EASTER ISLAND: A Pathway to Sustainable Development” for the VII International Conference: Easter Island and the Pacific Migration, Identity and Cultural Heritage to be held at Gotland University in Sweden.


PAA's Founder and CEO, Petra Campbell, won the annual not for profit Senior Manager Development Course scholarship. This is a two week business management boot camp condensing the highest levels of learning in business management. In attendance were the General Managers and CFO’s of some of

Australians biggest companies and institutions 














PAA presented at the United Nation Dialogue among Civilisations (UNDAC) Roundtable Dialogue 2007 held at the Blue Mountains Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University facility. The subject of the roundtable dialogue was “Climate Chang e: How it Impacts us All” and focused on the spiritual preparedness and adaptive responses that will be req uired to face the consequences of climate change. Petra spoke of the root causes of environmental destruction, not just that of climate change; human population growth and unsustainable patterns of production and consumption.


PAA offered assistance public primary schools in the eastern suburbs of Sydney t hrough the Eastern Suburbs Schools Sustainability Network, to conduct environmental audits to ISO 14001 . Th DET certi!ed and expects member public schools to reduce their impact on the environment through efficient use of resources and waste management. IHFA’s CEO and CFO are both environmental auditors. Our CEO, Petra Campb ell, has audited Bellevue Hill Public School which formed the basis upon which the school developed its environmental

plan. The audit was also reported in the Woollahra Council State of the Environment Report 2008.



Corporate Social Responsibility Advocacy: Laboratory Leadership and Management Special Interest Group of The Australian Society for Microbiology On the 6 July 2008, IHFA’s CEO was invited by the Laboratory Leadership and Management Special Interest Group (LLMSIG) to present a topic on strategic corporate social responsibility (SCSR) at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The delegates of the 2nd LLMSIG Professional Development Workshop consisted of laboratory managers and senior scientists from Australia and New Zealand. They were presented with different issues in contemporary management challenges. Campbell was especially selected, due to the outstanding achievements of IHFA’s recent operations in the Pacific Islands. Specific environmental cases were presented to the delegates highlighting the importance of SCSR. Although the notion of SCSR remains a growing awareness in many laboratory practices at this stage; many managers are keen to improve the social and environmental consequences of their business activities, making sustainability an important part of their business strategy. The presentation was well received and Campbell was invited to present at the 3rd LLMSIG Professional Development Workshop in Sydney on the 4 July 2010. The Convenor of LLMSIG wrote to IHFA, ‘On behalf of LLMSIG, we would like congratulate the sustained IHFA contributions

to the environment and look forward to the presentation in Sydney’.



French Development Agency’s Regional Initiative for Solid Waste

Management in the Pacific Region

In 2008, IHFA’s CEO was

engaged by the consulting firm

GHD as the Recyclable Waste

and NGO Specialist on the

French Development Agency’s

Regional Initiative for Solid

Waste Management in the

Pacific Region, Feasibility Study

(Component 2, Phase II). The

scoping studies that came out

of the preliminary report

included: a school chemicals

and disused pesticides/POPs

activity in Melanesia; a scrap

metal activity in Micronesia;

and oil reuse activity in

Polynesia and Melanesia. Both

the waste oil reuse as well as

the school chemicals/POPs

project activity was

recommended to be

implemented in 2009 as they

were deemed cost effective.

Due the fall in scrap metal

prices it was recommended

that this activity be scheduled

later in 2010 or 2011 to allow scrap prices to recover as much as possible and it was

presumed the politics of the global recession would also pass, making it politically

feasible for PICTs to introduce import taxes on new vehicles. All projects require cofinancing

from other regional and international funding bodies which may place a delay

on implementation of any of the proposed programs.




Group photo after the presentation of the peoples forum on the Pacific Plan to Greg Urwin, Secretary General ofthe Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, pictured centre.

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